Village jeep Safari jodhpur

Jodhpur Village Jeep Safari

What this tour is about: This is a morning Jeep Safari to see the villages of Marwar, for a glimpse of Rajasthani desert life.

Unlike, say, the Sahara dunes, this area of the desert has dry scrub, and is populated with tiny settlements (dhanis), who subsist on livestock rearing, some little farming, pottery, weaving and other activities.

Among the communities you visit are the Bishnois, the "world's oldest environmentalists", who hold trees and animal life sacred. You will also visit farmers, artisans, potters, weavers, and people from different religions and castes who make up the people of Marwar.

Desert wildlife is usually spotted on this trip. Between Nov - Feb, the migratory winter birds also arrive in this area of Rajasthan, so do take binoculars if you are interested.