Jaisalmer Day Tour

Jaisalmer Tour Packages

This is a 1-day tour of of Jaisalmer, Sam Sand Dunes is a must- visit in the Rajasthan state. If you visit the ‘Golden City’, then it is a must that enjoys a Desert Safari because if you do not explore the vast Thar on a camel’s back, you really miss all the fun. Visiting the Sam Sand Dunes is the highlight of Jaisalmer Tour.

Tour Description

1. Jaisalmer Fort -: Jaisalmer Fort is considered as the glory of Jaisalmer and it is located in the center of the city. It is also known as 'Sonar Kila' or 'Golden Fort' because this yellow sandstone fort shines like gold at sunset. It was built in 1156 AD on the top of Trikura Hill by a Bhatti Rajput ruler Jaisal. Jaisalmer Fort is a residential complex of many beautiful havelis or houses, temples and soldiers and traders.

2. Patwon Ki Haveli-: The Haveli of Patwon is situated near the Patwa campus and is Jaisalmer's first mansion. There are five havelis in the entire complex, which was built by Guman Chand Patwa in 1805 for their five sons. It took 50 years to build this yellow sandstone building. At present, here is the Office of the Archaeological Survey of India and State Arts and Crafts Department.

3. Nathmal Ki Haveli -: Nathmalji's haveli is located in the center of Jaisalmer city. It is famous for its architectural style, which is the fusion of Rajput and Mughal design. This mansion was built by Maharajal Barisal in the form of residence of Diwan Mohata Nathal. In the attractive temple of the building, shapes of birds, elephants, flowers, bicycles, steam engines and soldiers were made. Tourists can see many emerging images of cattle, horses, and flowers on the building's walls.

4.Gadsisar lake -: Gadsisar lake is an artificial water reservoir which was built by King Meharwal Gadsi during the 14th century. It is a rainwater lake, which was the main source of water during that period. There are many small temples situated on the banks of the lake. Tourist can see many migratory birds on the lake.